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The box above indicates what level of available funding we are at for our
clients.  Red=Critical need (wait list, no new clients), Yellow=Caution (some
funds but only for wait list), Green=Open (taking new clients).

If you are a potential client, please know that we are doing all that we can to
raise more awareness of the need and raise funds to provide cash assistance.
For more information on our assistance program, download a copy of the
CGMHN brochure.

Waffle House Spirit Night to benefit CGMHN - Eat at Waffle House in
Groveport the FIRST Friday of every month, 2p-9p, and 25% of your total meal
will go to CGMHN.
NOTE: You MUST tell your server you are there for the
Center for GM Human Needs.
Thank you!

Happening Now & Coming Up for CGMHN

Spring Flower Sale

It's that time of year again for the 6th annual CGMHN Spring
Flower Sale with beautiful annual's from local grower
Cuthbert's Greenhouse in Groveport.  Ordering is easy! Just
download the form, order your flats of flowers, total the order,
write a check or use your CC and mail the form with check (if
applicable) to us at the address on the form.

Summer Concert Series RETURNS!

Join us again for the SIXTH year of summer concert's at
Heritage Park on Wirt Rd in Groveport. Watch this space for
more info on the summer concert line up. Concert's are held on
the 1st & 3rd Sunday's of June-August, 7p.

Yoga Classes to benefit CGMHN

Yoga improves and maintains strength, flexibility, range of
motion, and promotes relaxation. It is non-competitive and
participants are encouraged to work at their own level - and
NOW you can do it to help raise money for CGMHN. Instruction
classes are held
every Tuesday from7:15p-8:15p at Asbury
United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, 4760 Winchester

Sessions are open to anyone from age 12-112, any gender, size, shape, and level
of ability. The only requirement to attend is to wear comfortable clothing and make
a donation of $1.00 or more for CGMHN.
Our Board
Mary Mashburn, Pres
Gary Boucher, V.Pres
Jeannie Henkel, Treas
Kathi Faulstich, Sec
Pastor Steve Bulen
Dee Copas
LaToya Henderson
Charles Leister
JoeAnne Mitchell
Christina Peppin
Juanita Powell
Steve Shirley

Heather Clingerman
Donna Drury
Stephanie Irby

Christine Boucher
Our Mission:
"The mission of CGMHN is to connect people in crisis with resources
and to promote cohesive
households through community partnerships."
Center for Groveport Madison Human Needs
PO Box 542, Groveport, OH 43125
(614) 586-4017
Our Vision:
"So together we may pursue our vision of a healthy, safe and
nurturing environment in the greater Groveport Madison area."
UPDATED 03/01/2014
Board Meetings
Our Board meetings
are open to the public
and are held on the 1st
Monday of every month,
6:00p @ Groveport
Madison Administrative
Offices, 5940 Clyde
Moore Dr, Groveport.
Center For Groveport Madison Human Needs